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IGN: Gloryfell
by Gloryfell » about 1 year ago

 Gloryfell Official Rules

  • Rules listed here apply to all communication services related to the server. 

  • Players are expected to know and follow the rules to avoid being kicked, muted, or banned.

  • If a rule needs to be modified or added, the staff administration has the right to do so. 

  • Punishments may vary based on history and the severity of the offense.

  • Respect All Players and Staff Members - Don’t be a jerk, treat everyone with respect. Any form of discrimation or harassment is not tolerated at all. 

  • Advertising - Refrain from sharing server IP’s or websites that are not related to Gloryfell. Advertising YouTube, Twitch, Discord, or other channels is not allowed unless you have permission to do so. 

  • Level Manipulation - It is illegal to unfairly obtain levels through alts, friends, glitches, etc. 

  • Alternant Accounts - If an alternative account is used to avoid a ban or gives an unfair advantage in-game, it will be banned. 

  • Spam or Swearing - Refrain from using profanity or spam. 

  • Hacking, Bug Abuse and Unfair Modifications - Any mods or hacked clients that provide an unfair advantage in-game are prohibited. 

  • Inappropriate Websites and Images - Linking inappropriate  websites/content is prohibited. 

  • Offensive Usernames - Any player name that bypass swearing or advertising guidelines are illegal. 

  • Impersonating a Staff Member - Do not impersonate a staff member and say things such as, “I will ban you.” Telling other players false rules or details will result in a mute.

  • Abusing /report - Spamming or using /report dishonestly is not permitted. 

  • If you have a question about the rules, feel free to ask a staff member.

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